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I am now charging a split rate on Canadian shipping. The
post office is raising the rate a breakneck speed. The new flat rate
to Canada with priority mail is $10.00.

Porsche showing off for us. So pretty!

Savanneh showing off her new blue shark collar.

Ev is gorgeous in her new collar & leash.

This harness is custom made for a service dog that the
owner grabs the handle when feeling weak.

Iceman is very handsome in his new collar.

Each piece bears our optimum quality, functionality and exquisite craftsmanship.

Free Shipping USA / CANADA Shipping $10.00

In 2009 I opened my boutique shop making the worlds finest hand-made leather dog collars and leashes in a variety of genuine leathers and unique custom designs. Each is a work of art made one at a time to meet your desires in my shop in Wilmington, North Carolina.

With each piece I make I use my talent of old world craftsmanship and vision handed down to me by my Dad, who had a leather goods factory, to create a timeless piece that will last a lifetime. When I was a teenager, I was making belts and guitar straps for the people in and around Woodstock.

Many of the products are named for dogs that I have been lucky to live with. Using the finest leathers, hand cutting the leathers, hand-stitching d-rings for strength, adding Kevlar in special cases, using only solid hardware, rope inside rolled & braided collars for sturdiness, I provide leather care products with your order to assure a long lasting piece.

This is a labor of love, which I stand behind 100%. (Please remember each piece is custom made and we do not offer cash refunds)

I enjoy speaking with all my customers, so please give me a call and we can discuss what would be best for your dog(s). Together we can design a one-of-a-kind collar & leash that will make you the envy of the dog park.

Thanks for visiting my shop. Send a pic of your dog and we can start the custom design. Bob 910-200-4793 /

HCDC 402 RL Honeycutt Dr, Wilmington, NC 28412