An alligator hide tells the story of their life. By proper selection of the hides for your pieces assures a beautiful, functional collar and leash. If a hornback strap is selected a matching belly is necessary so the patterning of the end tabs that will please the most discriminating buyer. A belly collar and leash set uses several different section of the hide so that it will have an interesting pattern.

I carefully cut the hide by hand and the required padding and deerskin making the collar extremely soft and comfortable. Then I expertly guide the needle and waxed thread by hand creating a beautiful stitch pattern. Burnishing the edges by hand and machine before putting finishing stitching, waxing and buffing.

Several customers have mixed alligator and other exotic leathers for an very interesting piece with exciting textures and colors.

The result is a wearable work of art that will provide years of service that you will be proud to put on your best friend.

It discuss you’re an alligator piece please contact Bob by calling or texting to discuss. 910-200-4793 , or email

About our Wild Florida Alligator Hunter
Mike Fagan's family came to the Florida jungle two hundred
years ago. His grandfather, Charles Fagan , starting hunting
gators and selling skins at the turn of the century. His father
, Jerome "Boots" Fagan, trapped gators during the 1940's and
50's. Mike goes out at night in his airboat and hunts the
alligators for HandCrafted Dog Collars.

Helping American Alligators
The consumer is the success behind the alligator conservation.
By buying alligator products, whether is buying one of our
wonderful products, revenues are generated for habitat
protection and state wildlife programs. Every alligator harvested
generates fees for state wildlife management agencies and habitat
conservation activities. I am proud to be part of this successful
cycle of protection

Hand-Made One-Of-A-Kind Luxury

Chocolate Alligator / Ostrich Collar & Leash Set with Gold Plated Hardware.

Hand Made Custom Wild Florida Horn Back Leather Dog Collar & Leashes