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The custom hand made Luxury Jasper classic dog collar is named for my black lab who was at home sailing in the ocean, fishing and crabbing, tubing and going to kids ball games, riding in the car with the top down, playing in the snow or going to work at the movie studio. Most of all he enjoyed his nose to the wind in "his" little Boston Whaler boat that we had to name it the Black Dog Taxi. It was Jasper that inspired this design to fit his active lifestyle , yet be stylish and fashionable for any occasion that arose. Solid brass hardware and rivets will not rust in the salt water and designed the collar so that Jasper could swim and play on the beach and it would stand up. It stood up to all the tests and still looked great. Our collars are unique and truly a labor of love and that's why we guarantee our work 100%. Choose your leather color and leather patterns or send us a picture of your dog for a custom one-of-a-kind design.
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Luxury Genuine Ostrich Leather Dog Collar
The Jasper Classic was designed for active lifestyles, timeless, yet stylish and fashionable with solid brass name plate. Each Jasper Rainbow Classic is a handmade original. They are strong and tough yet, soft to the touch and fashionable. Nothing is finer than a genuine Ostrich leather dog collar and leash. Superior last and beautiful characteristics of ostrich combined with old world craftsmanship make each piece a work of art. Soft padded deerskin lining with solid brass or stainless steel hardware make the Jasper Classic Ostrich dog collar a usable family heirloom.
Luxury Horn-back Alligator Leather Dog Collars. Hand-made custom designed with old world hand stitching craftsmanship.
Personalized Engraved Brass Name Plate I hand-make Jasper Classic in genuine Mexican Bull Shark to order for you.  It is truly unique in texture and feel. Each piece is hand cut and lined with padded deerskin lining. Using solid hardware and fasteners add for a lifetime of use. Add a personalize engraved ID name plate to make it your own. Available in black and brown and with matching leash for an incredible set. Each hand-made wild horn back Florida Alligator dog collar and leash is made to your specifications. You select the colors, the deerskin padded lining color, and hardware and I produce a one-of-a-kind for you. Each Alligator collar and leash is a work of art  that will last a lifetime.
Stainless or Brass Loops HandCrafted Alligator Leather Collars & Leashes
Our Price: $7.00
Solid Stainless Steel Hardware Engraved Brass or Stainless Loop for the Jasper style collars. Excellent way to preserve the look of the leather strap. Very clean and modern. The ultimate hand-made luxury collar and leashes hand made from genuine horn back alligator hides. Custom made one - of - kind crafted for you. Created for you with all the standard of fine leather goods. The finest in leather dog products.
Geno HandCrafted Striped Leather Dog Collar
The Fancy Striped "Geno" is a hand made collar of vibrant color leathers and each is a luxurious work of art.
Luxury Custom Jasper Classic Dog Collar