Our friends showing off their new collars and leashes... It's pretty cool. Enjoy!


Hi Bob, I got pictures! Thank you again, Myrna

Joanie. She is a beautiful service dog.
Thank you again for the gorgeous dog collar. Ana

Hi, Bob. Thank you for the collar, it's beautiful! Attached are two pics of Otto looking
handsome in his new collar ... and knowing it. Thank you!-Mischa

Future customers.... 2nd generation of customers...


Hello Bob, we received Cooper's collar and it's perfect! The quality is outstanding! I am glad I found you online and I definitely will recommend you to all my friends and family for their dog's collar!Thanks!Sabrina

The collar just came today and we love it! Thanks so much!

Collar arrived! Wow!

Thank you for the collar, it's beautiful! Attached are two pics of Otto looking handsome in his new collar ... and knowing it. (you'll also see a canvas harness in one of the pics, he doesn't get one of your nice harnesses 'til he stops eating them. In the past year we're at 10+ harnesses!) Thank you! Mischa

Good Morning Bob, Just received the collar and leash yesterday afternoon and they are just gorgeous! I am so happy that I found your website. They are exactly what I was looking for and are perfect for Jackson. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are so soft and extremely well made. Thanks so very much, I can't wait to show off Jack wearing his new duds :) I will take some pictures today and send them your way.-Lynda

Red Sky

Hi Bob!

Collars came today, they are stunning, just stunning!!

I will take pictures when I can, I don't have a fancy smart phone so I actually have to dig out my camera!

Do you make leashes? Don't want to put ugly old leashes with these!!



The collars are perfect and beautiful and works of art.

We're thrilled with them. (And I've already given your contact info to several dog walkers in the neighborhood.

Have a safe, sane and joyful holiday! And all our best for you in the New Year!


Hi Bob,

The collars and leash are stunning! I will send photos if and when they settle down enough and things get into focus. I am just mentioning that the Mac collar is large even on the closest hole, but I think it will be alright…I’m giving it a few days to ease into the job. They are just what I had been looking for only better!

Have a very happy week of celebrations with all!



Flash / Bimmer

Lola / Jack

Iceman Barlowe/ Lily

Cooper / EV / Savannah

Bulto new gator harness / Luke Skywalker

Maggie / Lotlita

Tyger / Bruno

Calli /Nelli / Calli - ring lizard collar

Ryder / Cassius

Rupert from Singapore / Mico

Brenna.Johann Daisey


Zen Johann

Dallas Edith

The boys just chilling out. Logan

Ruger / Chance

Leah /Sam

Blinker/ Houston - he is a service dog.

Marlin/ Abby

Momo/ Jethro

Hunter/ Lucy

Milos / Spirit

Cooper/ Andre

Daisey / Momo

Cossette/ Captain

Summer / Stella

Hemi & Linda / ZuNalha

William / Fred showing off his work collar.






Fergus / KoKo

KoKo is very handsome with new collar./ Pearl loves her pearl collar!

Jack the musher loves his sting ray collar./ Rogue looking very handsome.

Enzo looking great in his Stormy collar. / Daisey from France looking pretty.

Jake & Bosco relaxing in their new Geno martingale collars/ Jake

Agatha looking very nice on vacation. /Rudder showing off his new collar.

Como & Sheba looking very nice. / Titan looking very handsome in his alligator collar.

Luka is a UNC Chapel Hill fan. Liberty from Poughkeepsie

Frenda in sting ray Linda from Florida




Romeo looking very handsome in
his new Stormy Collar

Shamrock showing off her new collar. Lacey looking very pretty.

Mandy & Wolfie both looking pretty!

Rudder looking very handsome in his yellow & black rainbow

Stormy Looking Very Pretty Jasper sure is a silly boy in his new Jasper Classic

Chara retired from Plano School District Bomb Sniffing after 10 years .
The collar is a retirement gift


Gunny -a proud Marine mascot