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Stormy SRB Collar

The Stormy Collar is custom handcrafted collar that is the strongest construction in the market. It is reflective of its namesake. Stormy was a black lab and the toughest of tough dogs ,yet as gentle as a lamb. She could catch a flounder, a blue crab, turtle, frog, snake or chase down any small animal and bring it to us. Her jaws were soft that she could let them go(sometimes). She would always would take care of her brother Jasper and even acted motherly to Toto when she showed up at our door. She had a soft side. Many of those traits are custom handcrafted into the Stormy Collars.
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Leather Letters
Our Price: $5.00
The Stormy Leather Dog Collar is the finest in hand-made collar with a brass engraved side release buckle. Hand-cut leather letters. Any colors sized to match collar - sizes 3/4 -1, 1.5, 2 inch. Call to order. Bob 910-200-4793
Stormy Custom Hand Made Leather Dog Collar