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The "Geno" is named in honor of my Dad who taught me the fine art of leather craftsmanship and instilled in me the values I hold today, including the pleasure of having dogs in my life. He always had a pet name for my dogs such as "junkyard dog" for a little dog who resembled Toto from the Wizard of Oz. One of his greatest pleasures was when we gave him his chocolate lab named " Mocha". He and Mocha would go to hospitals and nursing homes to entertain the elderly. That is where you see the love a dog can spread. By the way - Mocha wears a custom "Geno" today and loves it. Send us a picture of your dog for a custom one-of-a-kind custom design.
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The  Hand Crafted Leather Dog Collar - Adjustable - Engraved Release Buckle
The "Geno" is a luxury custom hand made leather dog collar adjustable in vibrant color leathers with the quality of the finest leather goods and available engraved ID buckle. The "Geno" is a hand made leather dog collar of Exotic Genuine Ostrich with the quality of the finest leather goods and engraved buckle. Personalized Engraved Brass Name Plate
Luxury Horn-back Alligator Leather Dog Collars. Hand-made custom designed with old world hand stitching craftsmanship.
Engraved brass side release buckles. Personalize with up to 3 lines on your Stormy and Geno leather dog collar. I hand-make Jasper Classic in genuine Mexican Bull Shark to order for you.  It is truly unique in texture and feel. Each piece is hand cut and lined with padded deerskin lining. Using solid hardware and fasteners add for a lifetime of use. Add a personalize engraved ID name plate to make it your own. Available in black and brown and with matching leash for an incredible set. Each hand-made wild horn back Florida Alligator dog collar and leash is made to your specifications. You select the colors, the deerskin padded lining color, and hardware and I produce a one-of-a-kind for you. Each Alligator collar and leash is a work of art  that will last a lifetime.
HandCrafted Alligator Leather Collars & Leashes Geno HandCrafted Striped Leather Dog Collar
Our Price: $7.00
Solid Stainless Steel Hardware The ultimate hand-made luxury collar and leashes hand made from genuine horn back alligator hides. Custom made one - of - kind crafted for you. Created for you with all the standard of fine leather goods. The finest in leather dog products. The Fancy Striped "Geno" is a hand made collar of vibrant color leathers and each is a luxurious work of art.
Geno Custom Hand Made Leather Dog Collar